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Prostate Problems

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Prostate Problems

Men have been traditionally regarded as the stronger sex until prostate problems came. Prostate problems can affect the quality of life among men. They can cause inconvenience, not to mention the financial, emotional, social burden of any of these problems.

The population group of men that are mostly affected by prostate problems are those within 40 years old and above. This ageing population is put in greater chances of being exposed to the factors linked with prostate problems. The common problems are prostitis, enlargement of the prostate and cancer.

Prostitis is the inflammation of the prostate that could be caused by bacteria or germs, however there is one type that is not cause by any of the two—the non-bacterial prostitis. The early symptoms of prostitis are burning sensation coupled with the urgency to urinate and or frequent urination.

A man having prostitis may also have fever and feel fatigue because the body’s immune system is fighting against bacteria or germs. Bacterial prostitis can be treated with antibiotic, though this doesn’t mean that the condition will not recur. The non-bacterial prostitis is treated through other means, which will be recommended by the doctor like changing the diet regimen or taking a bath with lukewarm water. The physician could prescribe a drug called alpha blocker.

Enlarged prostate or medically termed, as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition of the prostate that grows beyond its ordinary size. The normal size of the prostate is likened that of a walnut. Prostate development is a natural biological process in men. It undergoes growth stagers twice. The first one is during puberty and the second is during adulthood specifically when man is 25 years old an above.

The effect of the continuous growth of the prostate can only be felt when a man is 50 years old and above. In this case a man’s tissue never grows together with the prostate instead it makes the prostate to push the urethra making the urine canal narrower. When this happens the symptoms are more apparent like the urge to urinate especially during the night, difficulty of making the first stream of urine, feeling of re-urinating even after doing so, and presence of blood in the urine.

Prostate cancer is the worst prostate problem an older man of 50 or above can get. Not only because the disease is painful it could be emotionally and financially burdensome as well. Prostate cancer shares similar symptoms with other prostate-related problems. Although pain in the lower back and difficulty in ejaculating are some of the symptoms are not present among the other ones.

Prostate problems are curable especially if detected early, and the prognosis is favorable to the patients. If the early signs of these problems are already obvious, immediate medial attention is most necessary a step to make.

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